SHUKALB is pleased to have worked in the SEEAM Project with many talented and dedicated young professionals who are assigned to be in charge of the project within their respective water utilities, and who have been working with a sense of responsibility and commitment for all this time. Some of them have shared with us a testimony of their experience with the project, both from their personal professional perspective, as well as from the perspective of benefits it provides to their water utility.

“We appreciate the trainings and collaboration in the implementation of the asset management system at the Water Utility of Pogradec. Listing, classification and registration of the assets in one system has simplified our work in controlling the areas of the water supply network. The system reflects the complete water supply network with specific information on all of our assets.”

 Ms. Valjona Saro, Pogradec Water Utility

“The implementation of the Asset Management Project has affected my professional development skills as a new employee at the Water Utility of Gramsh. The work process, starting from data collection or systematic demonstration in maps and schemes, have helped me to better understand the water supply system, identify the problematic issues in the field and what is more important, it has made my daily work much more easy. Also, using the EDAMS program, which works with a hydraulic logic, enables the application of our knowledge and allows you to see the mistakes that have been made.

The new challenge for the Water Utility of Gramsh is to upload all the data of the water supply systems, in order to start working in the Maintenance Management phase.”

Mr. Bledjan Koci, Gramsh Water Utility

“The Asset Management Program based on EDAMS software is an added value to our Company. Through this program we already have the entire digitalization of the network and it gives us the opportunity to maintain and check it periodically.”

Ms. Blerina Arrtunda, Shkoder Water Utility

“The Water Utility of Maliq, has been working intensively over the last year, on the registration of assets, and has already registered some areas of the water network. The Asset Management Program which is based on EDAMS Software is a very good mechanism for registering and managing our water assets.”

Mr. Fatjon Braimllari, Maliq Water Utility

“The Asset Management project and the use of the EDAMS software are a great advantage to the employees of our company. The implementation of this program is helping us in the administration of the network, uploading technical and financial information, and registering all of the company’s assets in a single computer program. Through the use of this program, the Water Utility of Kruja can better manage the daily work, which includes repairs, maintenance, planning, and design, and the program helps us also in future investments.”

Mr. Andi Kupa, Kruja Water Utility