SEEAM 3rd Workshop

As the fourth year of the programme came to completion by May 2021, PUCs are ready to start another successful year. The new phase of the SEEAM project officially started with the virtual Workshop on 15th June 2021 gathering the top management representatives from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Serbia.

The project partners: GIZ, Hydro-Comp, IAWD, AM hubs UTVSI and Aquasan, presented the achievements in the previous phase and the planned activities for the period 2021-22. 

Dr. Petros Kolovopoulos presented the activities on the Platinum C Stage – Rehabilitation planning and the new version and upgrade of the Maintenance Management System.

Both AM hubs, UTVSI and Aquasan presented the relevant information for all other stages accomplished so far (Silver, Gold, Platinum A and B).

Mr. Oliver Nachevski pointed out that GIZ would support and facilitate the bilateral negotiations between HCE and the AM hubs for defying a sustainable model for continuation of the activities in each country after completion of the SEEAM project.

All representatives from the participating water utilities evaluated very positive the workshop and confirmed their readiness to continue the participation on the SEEAM project.