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Program Results

With four stages already concluded and fifth started in May 2021, a lot has been already achieved (as of April 2021):


Τestimonials for the program

We, as local self-government units, are here together with the managers of the public utility companies to discuss the opportunities and potential benefits, to get involved in the project and develop this GIS (Georeferencing Integration System) structure, i.e. the underground water supply and sewerage infrastructure.

Mr. Goran Trajkovski

Mayor Municipality of Delčevo, North Macedonia

The water supply system used to manage us, now, we are finally managing the water supply system, and I believe that those who will get involved in the Asset management project, will see how little they know about their own water supply systems.

Mr. Osman Čaušević

"Vodovod i kanalizacija” Velika Kladuša, Bosnia and Herzegovina

What is already felt as an advantage from the work so far is that we have completely registered the network, we have fully recorded the infrastructure and now we are slowly entering a stage, whereby we naturally expect financial effects for our efforts and operations.

Mr. Saša Drljača

JKP “Napredak”, Sokobanja, Serbia

Asset Management program, which we consider a foundation for good utility operations, has been running very well in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Macedonia. We are very pleased how the AM hubs (two national associations – UTVSI and Aquasan) have managed the program in those four countries, have attracted large number of utilities and help them improve their services. We have very high expectations for Albania and Kosovo, too, and we work very closely with both national associations (SHUKALB and SHUKOS) which will be the new hubs for Albania and Kosovo, together with Prishtina waterworks.

Mr. Philip Welle

Head of Technical Secretariat, IAWD, Vienna, Austria

We believe that AM program will enable us to strengthen the stability of the company and offer better self-sustainable services. Regional water utility of Prishtina has the necessary professional resources and engineers who are capable to implement the project and we shall succeed in it.

Mr. Ilir Abdualahu

Director, Regional PUC Prishtina, Kosovo

The elected representatives from the Local Self-governments – the mayor and the Councils should be able to develop public policies for improvement of the water related services for the citizens based on the data generated by the technical level from the public utility companies.


Mr. Boran Ivanoski

Project Manager, NALAS, Skopje, North Macedonia

Asset Management is very important pillar of the reform that Albania is implementing in the water sector and sanitation. We are very trustful that with this project utilities will have a very important tool that will allow them to know what they have in the “house” i.e. in the utility and will have knowledge not only about the assets they administer, but also they will have a plan how to manage those assets and make more efficient business plan and investment plan.

Ms. Lindita Sotiri

Director, Program development Directorate on Water Supply, Sewerage and Waste Infrastructure, Albania

In order to complete the system, in the sense of optimal operation, we need further to improve it, precisely in these sectors, connecting the technical, i.e. physical, and financial, as well as economic segment.

Ms. Olivera Doklesić

DOO “Vodovod i kanalizacija”, Herceg Novi, Montenegro

From the beneficiary’s call to report the defect, until the very completion, through the various stages of the job card, we will know who has done what and when and how much time, equipment and funds it has taken to remove the reported defect.

Ms. Sanja Janković

DOO "Vodovod i kanalizacija" Cetinje, Montenegro