AM Software

EDAMS AM Software

The EDAMS software is provided by EDAMS Technology (division of Hydro-Comp Enterprises Ltd) and are hosted and operated through the Cloud, with cloud services provided by Amazon.

The EDAMS Assets Management and Infrastructure Planning system supports the full set of services in the Municipal infrastructure domain such as electricity, buildings & structures, pavement management, storm water, waste disposal, sewer management, and water supply management (for more information visit EDAMS).

The EDAMS range of systems seamlessly integrate the commercial, operations, maintenance and planning functions of the Water Service Provider and together with a Financial and a Telemetry system provide the Water Utility with a coherent enterprise management solution covering all core business functions leading up to the formulation of annual Business Plans.

The Hub-Centre utilises the EDAMS AM software for: (a) carrying out data Network Data Evaluation and reports of Utilities’ networks to assist them in addressing problems and compiling validated asset registers, (b) publishing Utilities’ data on the web and give access to each Utility to publish, view and get reports on their network data.

Program Stages & EDAMS Modules

Software Packages

EDAMS Technology also makes available the EDAMS AM software to the Utilities, in three different versions depending on the progress achieved by the Utility as follows:

Silver Package

The Silver Package addresses the Utility GIS/ Network Data Management.
EDAMS Utility GIS & Data Management is an industry specific Asset register and network infrastructure management system that uses:

  • Dedicated network data structures and element libraries
  • Functionality to evaluate connectivity and data correctness
  • Functionality to publish and share data

EDAMS – GIS/Network Data Management – functional diagram

Gold Package

In addition to the Silver package the Gold Package includes EDAMS MMS (Maintenance Management).

EDAMS Maintenance Management covers all facets of maintenance management, including routine, proactive and preventive maintenance, as well as the management and optimal operation of the supply at the Municipality/Utility. It covers all types of services provided by the Organisation whether this is Water, Sewer, Electricity, Environment, Roads & Pavements, Properties and Buildings, Health and many others.

EDAMS – Maintenance Management – functional diagram

Platinum Package

The Platinum package is aimed at Utilities that have established a validated Asset register and want to embark on the more advanced Asset Management activities. In addition to the Silver and Gold packages it addresses: 

  • Water Audit/Balancing-Non Revenue WaterThe EDAMS Distribution / NRW Management module is an Automated solution for the effective Managing, Monitoring and Auditing of District Metered Areas (DMA). It implements and automates all the best practices recommended by the International Water Association – IWA (more info)
  • Asset Management Planning: Assets Rehabilitation process involves a suite of EDAMS models that include (a) Condition Assessment module (b) Asset Valuation module (c) Rehabilitation Planning module (more info)

EDAMS – Asset Management Planning – functional diagram

As the participating Utilities progress to subsequent stages, they are upgraded to the Gold Package (Stage 2) and eventually the Platinum Package (Stage 3).